Residential and commercial contractor since 1997


Our experience joined with our high tech equipment gives us an edge to make our finished excavations services of high quality which will meet all your requirements. So, if you are a contractor or the “hands on” type, we can assist you in the right type of excavation you need for your project either demolition, digging, dumping of your surplus and back fill.  And, you are off!  Your project is well under way!

We offer multiple transport services (dump or pick up):
earth, stone, asphalt, snow, scrap.

Mini Excavator 80″ wide (average to large excavations)

For your everyday excavation needs this machine will solve the problem. This versatile machine is big enough to dig just about anything and small enough, 6′ 1/2 wide, to fit in many tight spaces. For backyard projects such as pools and patios or bigger projects such as driveways and home renovations this machine is up to the challenge.


Mini Excavator 39″ wide (small excavations)

Do you have a hard to reach area? Maybe you have an obstacle in the way such as a fence. This machine will solve all your problems. At only 39″ wide it can fit just about anywhere you need it to go. From backyards to basements, all you need is a space as narrow as 39″ wide, there aren’t too many areas this machine can’t reach.


Hydraulic Jack Hammer (breaking concrete)

If you have concrete that needs to be broken this is the ideal tool for any project. There’s no job too big or too small. If you have concrete that needs to be broken and removed, let us handle it for you.


Truck for transport

(à traduire) Nous vous offrons également des services de transport multiples (dépôt ou enlever) : terre, pierre, asphalte, neige, déchêts.