Terms and conditions

1- The contract may be cancelled at any time.

2- Based on the cancellation date, a minimum charge of 50% of the remaining amount will be charged;

3- Ice removal of any kind is not included in this contract;

4- The contractor will remove the snow for an accumulation of more than 5 cm (2 inches) and will remove the snow bank from the city when cleaning the streets done within the 24h following the snowfall;

5- The contractor is not responsible for any snow put in the driveway for personal clean up (ex. the cleaning of tempo, of walkway, etc.) or the snow bank from the city exceeding 24h after the snowfall;

6- The contractor is responsible to maintain a liability insurance of 2 million $;

7- The contrator insures to have all necessary permits for snow removal;

8- The contract must be received in full to activate the contract. If paid in 2 payments by cheque: 2e half has to be dated no later than January 1 of the current season. Immediate interruption of service following a non payment;

9- Charges of 20$ for NSF cheques;

10- The client has to always free the driveway of all obstacles that may damage the machinery (extension cords, logs, shovel, gutters, etc.);

11- The contractor clears himself of all responsibility for the loss or damages caused by these obstacles;

12- Client is responsible to regularly spread salt when needed and maintain his driveway secure. Any damages caused by this neglect will be to the client’s expense. Thick ice patches in driveway will, on our next visits, cause our snow blower to lose its level and leave scratches and rust rust stains.

13- Client is responsible to winterize his exterior items; the contractor is not responsible for any damages caused by our tractors in your driveway and property while executing the above understood services (ex. Exterior lights, plantations, cedar hedges, statues, etc. has to be securely covered by the client) (ex. of driveway damages: a piece of metal can get stuck under the snow blower from one house to another which can cause rust marks. Rocks on the tractor tires that come from the street which can cause scratches in your driveway, etc… This is beyond our control. We continuously inspect our machinery but it is impossible to inspect them between each homes during moments of service. We can assure you that we take all necessary measure to avoid any damages but it is a risk that the client has to accept.

14- The client will insure the positioning of the sticks without moving them. These are our limiting guide lines of your driveway and will therefore protect your lawn, borders, etc. These sticks belong to Excavations Skella and will be picked up in the spring of the current season.